Karren Gonong

At first, I had no intention of joining Flagship, all I wanted to do was learn the language at my own pace and study in South Korea for at least a semester. However, after taking my first Korean course here at UHM, I was recommended by my KOR 202 teacher. After talking to Dr. Cheon, [...]

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Austin Nay BA Cohort 7

I chose KLFC because it is the premier language program for Korean in the entire United States. KLFC has been one of the best experiences of my life. I firmly believe that the KLFC program gives its students a well-rounded approach to Korean studies.

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Hanna Jeong 2006-2008

The overseas component of the Korean Flagship Program is, I believe, what distinguishes this program from any other intensive language program out there.

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Il Min Choi 2004-2006

The UHM Korean Flagship program utilizes real, unadulterated material straight from Korea, and comprehensively presents the most current issues affecting U.S.-Korea relations. The accessibility and enthusiasm of the teaching staff impressed me as well. Although I found the rigor of the program very demanding, the Flagship program continues to enable me to handle advanced Korean [...]

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