Karren Gonong

At first, I had no intention of joining Flagship, all I wanted to do was learn the language at my own pace and study in South Korea for at least a semester. However, after taking my first Korean course here at UHM, I was recommended by my KOR 202 teacher. After talking to Dr. Cheon, and talking about the benefits (scholarships, tutoring, financial aid, internship, etc.) that come with being a Flagship student I decided to join the program. My family always knew, how much learning languages are important to me, therefore, they were supportive of my decision of joining flagship. They agreed with me that being in this program will have a positive impact after I graduate from UHM. I can confidently say that being in flagship has greatly improved my Korean skills. With the extra help from tutors and doing the summer program, I can see how much my speaking skills have improved compared to when I first joined Flagship. I think, getting that extra help from my tutors has benefitted me a lot. They always point out the mistakes in my homework and speaking, which I continue to learn from and improve. My advice to future Flagship student is to be 100% committed to the program. Flagship is not easy; it is not a program on can take lightly. We take rigorous Korean courses to help us improve our Korean skills as best as can before we are sent off to do our Capstone course. However, if students are committed to the program, like me, their Korean skills will improve faster than they anticipated

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