Korean Language Flagship Programs

The KLFC offers four programs for learners at various ages and at various levels of education. In addition to the two degree programs (M.A. in Korean for Professionals and B.A. in Korean for Professionals), the KLFC offers two non-degree programs. The Certificate in Korean for Professionals program is open to both graduate and undergraduate students, including incoming freshmen. It includes a summer session at the UHM, followed by a one-year overseas component. The Pre-College Honors Program is for young learners who want to prepare for the university Flagship programs. The KLFC’s overseas component is housed at Korea University (KU) in Seoul, Korea.

B.A. in Korean for Professionals

Minimum 36 credits

The B.A. program aims to prepare American students to function in Korean as professionals in their chosen academic or professional fields. Through the Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures (EALL), a Bachelor of Arts degree in Korean for Professionals is ...

M.A. in Korean for Professionals

Minimum 30 credits

The M.A. program aims to produce professionals who can function in Korean in their chosen fields. After two years of intensive Korean language training, graduates of this program are expected to take their place among the next generation of global professionals ...

Overseas Programs


The one-year overseas component completes the B.A. program and the Certificate program. Housed at Korea University’s Korean Language Center, the overseas component is called the Korean Flagship Overseas Program. The overseas component includes coursework ...