B.A. in Korean for Professionals

Minimum 36 credits

The B.A. program aims to prepare American students to function in Korean as professionals in their chosen academic or professional fields. Through the Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures (EALL), a Bachelor of Arts degree in Korean for Professionals is awarded upon successful completion of the program.

Korean Flagship graduates who possess professional-level language proficiency (ILR 3, ACTFL Superior) in Korean, and have successfully completed a one-year overseas component with advanced cultural skills, while living and working in Korea will receive the Language Flagship Certified Global Professionals certificate.


Highlights of the Program

Professional-level Proficiency

The goal of the curriculum is to cultivate students who are able to function in professional-level Korean in their chosen academic or professional fields.

Financial Aid

Both merit-based and need-based financial aid is available. For detailed information, please refer to our resources page.


Dual Major

Students can apply for two or more majors to complement their language study. For example, Political Science is one of the most common second majors.

Overseas Component

The one-year overseas component (housed at Korea University) provides intensive language training and domain study in an immersion environment.

Overseas Internships

Students are assigned to internships where they can gain experience in the Korean work culture.

Tutoring Program

The tutoring program provides one-one tutoring for students who qualify. Tutors are native Korean speakers, often with academic training in the student’s domain.

ROTC Flagship Scholarship

ROTC cadets are eligible for robust financial aid while studying Korean with the Korean Flagship. Contact us for more information.


Program Requirements

I. Language Skills Courses (12 credits)
    • KOR 401-402 Fourth-Level Korean (3-3 cr.) (Pre: 302)
    • KOR 403-404 Fifth-Level Korean (3-3) (Pre: 402)
II. Content Courses (24 credits from the following list)
    • KOR 411 Advanced Oral Communication in Korean (3) (Pre: 402)
    • KOR 420 Korean Composition (3) (Pre: 402)
    • KOR 421 Media Analysis in Korean I (3) (Pre: 402)
    • KOR 422 Media Analysis in Korean II (3) (Pre: 402)
    • KOR 425 Selected Readings in Korean  (3) (Pre: 402)
    • KOR 470 Language and Culture of Korea (Pre: 302)
    • KOR 480 Korean Proficiency Through Film (3) (Pre: 402)
    • KOR 485 Korean for Career Professionals (3) (Pre: 402)
    • KOR 486 Korean for Academic Purposes (3) (Pre: 402)
III. Departmental Electives (to replace exempted Kor 401/402)
    • KOR 307 Readings in Chinese Characters I (3) (Pre: 202)
    • KOR 308 Readings in Chinese Characters II (3) (Pre: 307 or Consent)
IV. Department Electives (Some of the following courses can be used with advisors’ permission)
    • KOR 451 Structure of Korean I (3) (Pre: 302)
    • KOR 452 Structure of Korean II (3) (Pre: 302)
    • KOR 493 Introduction to Traditional Korean Literature (3) (Pre: 402)
    • KOR 494 Introduction to Modern Korean Literature (3) (Pre: 402)
V. The one-year Overseas Capstone Program at Korea University must also be completed.

All courses must be taken for a letter grade and must be passed with a ‘C’ or better in order to be applicable toward the fulfillment of one’s major requirements. Prerequisites for all Korean courses must be passed with a ‘C or better. They may also be waived with the consent of the instructor.

Students who test out of required courses (e.g., 401, 402, etc.) must take additional courses from either Section III or Section IV for each required course they test out of. These additional courseswill be selected upon consultation with the Academic Adviser.

All Korean majors are required to consult with their faculty adviser or the Academic Adviser (in Moore 390) prior to registering for each semester. Also, all students contemplating application into our graduate program are advised to discuss their plans with their adviser(s).

EALL Undergraduate Advisor: Todd Ashida; Moore 390; tashida@hawaii.edu




U.S. citizenship or permanent residency


Current UHM students, transfer students, and incoming freshmen


Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0


Application Documents

1. Application Form

2. Statement of Purpose. In a separate word document, articulate (i) how your participation in the Korean Language Flagship Program will contribute to your future academic and professional goals, and (ii) describe a challenge you overcame and describe how that experience has prepared you for the challenges you may face in the program. Minimum of 500 words in English.

3. Letter of Recommendation. The letter must be on the recommender’s institutional letterhead, signed, and emailed directly to flagship@hawaii.edu by the recommender. The recommender should be able to comment on your academic performance.

4. Official transcript from all colleges or universities attended. Current UH students may submit their unofficial transcript from STAR.

Email all application materials to flagship@hawaii.edu

For more information, please contact:

Korean Language Flagship Center
E-mail: flagship@hawaii.edu