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The KLFC offers four programs for learners at various ages and at various levels of education. In addition to the two degree programs (M.A. in Korean for Professionals and B.A. in Korean for Professionals), the KLFC offers two non-degree programs. The Certificate in Korean for Professionals program is open to both graduate and undergraduate students, including incoming freshmen. It includes 15 credits of coursework at the UHM, followed by a one-year overseas component. The Pre-College Honors Program is a Pre-Flagship program for high school students who want to prepare for the university Flagship programs. The KLFC’s overseas component is housed at Korea University (KU) in Seoul, Korea.

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All the KLFC programs provide innovative teaching at a level of intensity that ensures achieving professional proficiency in Korean language and culture. At the UHM, students receive intensive, task-based Korean language instruction, along with individualized domain-specific tutoring multitude of cultural activities in Honolulu as well as on campus. Training at UHM is followed by a one-year overseas immersion component at Korea University (KU) in Seoul, Korea, where students take both language and content courses and engage in a professional internship. Other benefits include one-to-one peer tutoring and, of course, breathing and living in Korean culture everyday.

The KLFC is part of The Language Flagship funded by the Defense Language National Security Education Office (DLNSEO). Please read more about the mission of The Language Flagship.