Korean Language Flagship Overseas Programs



The one-year overseas component completes the B.A. program in Korean for Professionals. Housed at Korea University’s Korean Language Center (KLC), the overseas component is called the Korean Flagship Overseas Program (KFOP).

The overseas component includes coursework (both Korean language courses and content courses) plus a professional internship (contingent on the student’s placement). The content courses further students’ knowledge in their academic fields in Korean. Through the internship (contingent on the student’s placement), students develop their abilities as Korea specialists by working in a professional setting closely related to their academic field.



Upon successful completion of the overseas component, students should have achieved the following goals:


Professional proficiency in Korean equivalent to Superior (on the ACTFL scale) or Level 3 (on the ILR scale)


Comprehensive and deeper understanding of Korean culture and society


Capability to take an active role in their field as a Korea specialist