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M.A. in Korean for Professionals

The M.A. program aims to produce professionals who can function in Korean in their chosen fields. After two years of intensive Korean language training customized to their fields, graduates of this program are expected to take their place among the next generation of global professionals as Korea specialists, commanding profesional-level proficiency in Korean. The successful completion of the program and the demonstration of the ability to use Korean at professional levels (ILR 3, ACTFL Superior) lead to the Master of Arts degree in Korean for Professionals.


Highlights of the Program

Profession-level proficiency
Upon successful completion of the program, students are able to function in professional-level Korean in their chosen academic or professional fields.

Innovative curriculum
The curriculum follows the core concepts of Task-Based Language Teaching (TBLT) and is designed around real-life tasks. Furthermore, the curriculum includes domain-specific target tasks and topics.

Domain specialists
Domain specialists provide input in the selection of course topics and materials, research questions, and testing materials. In addition, domain specialists give special lectures throughout the semester.

Financial aid
Both merit-based and need-based financial aid are available. For detailed information, please refer to Financial Aid.

Overseas component
The one-year overseas component (housed at Korea University) provides intensive language training, domain study, and internship experience in an immersion environment.


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