Alumni Stories


In this inspirational series our alumni share, in their own words, stories of overcoming challenges, setting up pioneering projects, and bringing about positive change in the world.

Student Testimony – H.S.

The presentations were a great learning experience that expanded my knowledge beyond just the language but also on social and economic issues in Korea present at hand. It provided a space for me to culminate my learning throughout the course into a presentation, giving me insight into the research process and how to carry myself professionally while presenting. Being in Flagship improved my Korean proficiency in ways I never expected and has been unlike any other Korean language program I have been through. To prospective students, the KLFC emphasizes a rigorous course load that is bound to have its challenges. I strongly encourage putting in the effort because however much you dedicate to the course is what you will walk away with. So, make the most of it and know that you are your own person and that everyone is at a different level.

Student Testimony – M.M.

but after deciding to change my major to Korean, a subject I was passionate about, I wanted to find the best place to study. I did a lot of research, and finally I found the Korean Language Flagship at UHM. It is the best Korean program in the United States....

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Student Testimony – J.M.

I never imagined I’d one day give a presentation on the collapse of the Berlin wall and how it symbolized the end of the Cold War and affected Europe all in Korean. The presentation required more work and preparation than all the homework from my 6 other classes...

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Student Testimony – K.H.S.

The presentations have allowed me to learn and utilize a variety of useful expressions that are found in the textbook. The topics we present on are diverse and are all connected to different cultural aspects of Korea. Through the detailed guidelines given in the...

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Student Testimony – E.V.

Through the presentation experiences, not only have I had the chance to develop more professional Korean skills, but have also gained a lot of confidence in speaking Korean and even giving presentations in other classes as well.  With every new assignment, there...

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Student Testimony – J.Y.S.

Any study abroad opportunity would be by far the most important experience for a language learner. While the summer study abroad opportunities and the capstone portion of the program are extremely beneficial, I have found that here at home the content has proved to be...

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